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Pelvic floor exercises, or Kegels, have been used for decades to strengthen the pelvic floor. The exercises were initially developed, primarily, tackle urinary incontinence. Due to the weakening of the pelvic floor muscles due to pregnancy, vaginal childbirth and age, women were experiencing leaking bladders during random, mundane acts like laughing or coughing. Kegel exercises were developed by Dr. Arnold Kegel to strengthen those weakened muscles and give women back control of their bladder movements.

Women who performed these pelvic floor exercises consistently also noticed a highly welcome byproduct. They had significantly better sex after they began their routines of Kegels. They noticed stronger orgasms and increased vaginal sensitivity during sexual intercourse. They noticed physical benefits like, a noticeably tighter vagina and greater control over their vaginal muscles. All of these benefits are directly derived from the effects Kegels have on the pelvic floor.

Effects of A Weakened Pelvic Floor on Sex

The pelvic floor is the support base for numerous organs in the pelvic region of a woman. This organs include the bladder, uterus, small and large intestines. The pelvic floor muscles are also connected to the vagina and also the anal sphincter, holding everything in place and firmly. When the muscles that consist of the pelvic floor are weakened, it has a wide reaching effect. The vaginal muscles become slack and can become painful during sex. Vaginal prolapse may occur, that is, parts of the organs above the pelvic floor may drop into the vagina, leading to a fleshy lump inside the vagina. All these are all capable of dulling or even numbing sensitivity in the vaginal region, leading to painful, non-enjoyable sex. Stress incontinence is also a symptom of a weakened pelvic floor, there is urine leakage during activities like laughing, squatting and even sneezing.These leakages are embarrassing and can have a lasting effect on your moods, triggering depression that usually lowers a woman’s libido significantly.

Sexual Benefits of Kegel

Kegel exercises target the pelvic floor muscles, working on tightening and toning them. The muscles, also called levator muscles are actually a number of connecting muscles that connects through the pelvic region. Tightening and making these pelvic muscles has the following positive effects on sex:

  • Increased Blood Circulation to The Vagina

Exercising your pelvic floor muscles will increase the blood flow to the vaginal region. This increased blood flow greatly increases arousal and sensitivity to touch. Women who do not have sufficient sensitivity can begin Kegels in order to improve the blood circulation to the region and greatly increase their levels of arousal. Increased arousal will also increase the natural lubrication produced by the vagina.

  • Stronger Orgasms

The pubococcygeal (PC) muscle is one of the pelvic muscles that Kegels target. The PC muscle is also one of the primary muscles that contracts during orgasms. Consistently performing pelvic floor exercises can strengthen the muscle, allowing contractions during organs to be considerably more pronounced and longer. Kegels improves the muscle’s tone and also increases your chances of a vaginal orgasm.

  • Increased Sexual Pleasure

Kegels will tighten the vagina and increase sensitivity for you and your partner during sex. Constant pelvic floor exercises will tighten the entire vaginal region, allowing you to experience more sensations during intercourse.

Performing Kegels can also be incorporated into your normal sexual intercourse. There are a notable number of women who have been able to bring their partners to climax simply by repeatedly contracting their vaginal muscles with Kegels.

Kegels can also help eliminate pain during sex. The pain is usually as a result of painful pelvic muscles. A tense pelvic floor can lead to a very painful sexual intercourse. You do not even need to have been pregnant to have this painful experience. Kegels will help relax these muscles and allow them readjust while reducing the pain.

  • Improved Sexual Libido

A slack vagina, urinary and fecal incontinence are all conditions that cause worry to women. This worry, morphs into anxiety and depression, leading to a drop in sexual desire and libido. Pelvic floor exercises can help women eliminate the physical conditions triggers by a weakened pelvic floor- allowing women engage in sexual intercourse without worrying about such embarrassing conditions. An added advantage is the overall boost in mood that is triggered with the production of oxytocin during sex. Oxytocin is a natural antidepressant that has a calming and loving feel to it.

Exercising the pelvic floor muscles will not only fix the stress incontinence caused by pregnancy and childbirth, it will also greatly improve your sexual life. Make Kegels a part of your daily routine to reap the full benefits of these pelvic floor exercises. Add Kegel cones to your exercises for more challenge and effective results. Begin today and not only will your partner thank you, you will also experience a sexual reawakening.

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