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Why You Should Do Kegels During Pregnancy

Every woman who has experienced pregnancy, labor and childbirth, knows it brings with it, some peculiar challenges. While our little bundles of joy are beautiful and adorable, the journey to birthing them wrecks havoc on our body. A combination of hormones, pregnancy weight, and the pressure a growing human places on our internal organs, lead […]

What Is a Weakened Pelvic Floor?

The pelvic floor plays a vital role in the body, providing support for the organs in the pelvis region (intestines, bladder and uterus). It is a connection of multiple muscles that constitute a firm support system for organs. The pelvic floor also plays a crucial role in controlling waste excretion from the body, giving a […]

Kegels: Benefits for New and Expectant Mothers

What are Kegels? Kegels are a set of exercises that target the muscles of a woman’s pelvic floor, making it former and stronger. The pelvic floor is made of connecting muscles and tissues that hold up the reproductive organs in the pelvic region. A weakened pelvic floor leaves women with poor control of their bladder […]