Our Mission

To improve the quality of life for women by providing the most value with our thoughtfully manufactured products.


With a mutual interest shared by two close friends in the healthcare field, TOTI® was founded in Montreal in 2016. The company’s online presence tends to help women all over the world discover high-end products offering a multitude of benefits. Wanting to improve women’s way of life, our Kegel devices, covered in a smooth body silicone, are medically approved and tested by the best in the field. They have provided clients with the confidence they need to improve their bladder control as well as their vaginal health.

The main goal is to grant our customers with high quality items, designed to satisfy their needs at the most efficient rate. TOTI® is devoted on creating simple and user-friendly products, built to produce unbelievable experiences. We also put a huge emphasis on offering the best customer service, striving to help, answer questions and solve problems related to our mission. We take great pride in the job our team is dedicated to accomplish and can’t wait to share our products with you.